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  1. Prophets [alehislam] are alive in Graves [hayat un anbiya]
  2. Istighatha
  3. Authentic Hadith of Imam Bukhari regarding saying Ya Muhammad (saw) from Far away
  4. The Finality of Prophethood
  5. Necessity of Extremely Loving Prophet(صلى الله عليه وسلم)
  6. Prohibition of Cursing Amir Mu'awiyya (ra)
  7. Excellent Book: ZarbeHaydari
  8. BOOK: Answering the Wahhabis in Arabic
  9. To say "YA" (O) with Prophet[A.S],Awliyas[rah] after their death is allowed
  10. Reality of Yazeed ,Yazid according to Classical islamic texts
  11. Refuting Ahle bidah on the claim that Dua is Worship
  12. The Hadith " Whoever visits my grave..."
  13. Dead can hear from Graves -Proof from Quran and Sahih hadiths
  14. Proofs of building around the graves and building Shrines,tombs,Mizars
  15. The Sajda controversy
  16. Aqida of Hazir o Nazir - That Prophet[salehalawaalihi wasalam] is omnipresent
  17. Mawlid un-Nabi - The Blessed birth of Prophet
  18. Seeing of Prophet(صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) while Awake
  19. The Hidden Pearls & Corals of Muhammad e Arabi Sal lal la hu alehi wasalaam
  20. Belief of hearing/Conveying greetings and Salutions.
  21. Categories of Bidah [innovations, bidats] in Islam :Every innovation Bidah is not bad
  22. Who will be Imam Mehdi [rahimullah] and Hadrat Esa [aleh islam] according to Hadiths
  23. How Auliya-Allah help From Grave ?
  24. Prophet Muhammad [saw] has Knowledge on unseen [ Ilm ul ghayb ] - Authentic proofs
  25. Reply to objections on Mawlid
  26. Proofs of Celebrating Mawlid - Eid milad un Nabi - Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (s)
  27. Taqleed , following one of four schools of jurisprudence of Ahlus sunnah is wajib for laymen
  28. On the issue of saying Anal Haq by Mansoor Al Hajjaj [rah]
  29. Using Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu with names of Non Sahabas [r.a] is allowed
  30. Eid Milad un Nabi and fasting
  31. Aqeeda of Esal e sawab [ praying for dead and sending them blessing ] in Islam
  32. Sandal Mubarak at the Urs Shareef
  33. Fatwa pdf صدر الشريعة
  34. 'Aqida Book by Shaykh Ibrahim al-Ya'qubi
  35. Mufti Akmal can Prophet(peace be upon him) hear us with the permission of Allah
  36. 10 signs of muslim army of prophet Jesus [aleh islam] and Mehdi [r.a]
  37. Reciting Quran or doing Zikr of Allah specific ( certain ) number of times allowed
  38. Celebrating Urs festival [ANNIVERSARY ON THE DEPARTURE OF A SAINT] is allowed
  39. Why become a Mureed by Shah turab ul Haq Qadre
  40. Hadith on intercession,Tawassul of ibn Umar (ra) from ibn Abbas (r.a) Explained fully
  41. Defination of Ahlus sunnah [sawad us azam ] according to Sahih hadiths
  42. Virtues of Zikr of Allah
  43. Difference between Rasool and Nabi
  44. Belief in God?
  45. Buti against the Kadhabiyya sect
  46. Beliefs about decent and coming back of Hadrat Esa [aleh islam]
  47. The Virtues of Sha’ban & 15th ,mid Night of Sha`ban (shabaan) ,Shab e Baraat from Quran and Sahih hadiths
  48. Khilafat of Hadrat Abu Baker Siddique (Radhiallah anhuma)
  49. Permissiblity of Kissing of the thumbs during Azan ( Adhan) explained
  50. Concept of a Mujadad [ mujadid, revivalist] in Islam
  51. Setting beside important days in islam
  52. Shirk is not possible in ummah now and verdict for those who accuse others of shirk
  53. REply to Zakir Naik's comments on Esal e Sawab
  54. Kissing of hands of pious people is a sunnah,kissing Feet is only allowed
  55. Brother Pls. do answer the question regarding Namaz
  56. More abusive language from Thanawi
  57. Wearing Green,white black turban in islam is Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and highly recommended for muslims
  58. about Darood Shreef
  59. Taqleed is must for every Muslim. by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri
  60. Khatm e Nabuwwat aur Radde Qadianiat
  61. Arabic and english kitabs
  62. The eternal life of the Prophets
  63. concept of halala in islam explained -in urdu
  64. More Proofs on Istighatha ,asking help from others than Allah
  65. Purify ur self
  66. Funeral prayer and burial of Prophet Muhammad [saw] - from islamic history
  67. "where is Allah" in sky ? located , Correct stance of Ahlus sunnah from Quran and sahih hadiths and refuting pseudo salafis,wahabis aqeeda
  68. Wives of Prophets are ahle bayt as well- replying to shias
  69. Imam Ali [radhiallahanho] allegance to Abu Bakr [radhiallahanho]
  70. Deo Bandi Hypocrisy (Urdu)
  71. plz Help
  72. deobandi belifs Against for Deobandi (udru)
  73. Which is superior ,madina (madinah) or makkah (makka) in Islam ?
  74. Permissibility of Loud Zikr from Quran and hadiths in islam
  75. Parents of Prophet Muhammad [s] were muslims, momins according to Islam
  76. To call ourself slave of Prophet Muhammad (salehalawaalihiwasalm) is allowed
  77. Standing up to respect Scholars, Oliyas [rah],Parents is allowed in Islam from hadith
  78. Authority,ikhtiyaar of Prophet Muhammad [saw] ,Quran and sahih hadiths
  79. Superiority of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anhu over other Sahabas [ra]
  80. Beliefs of ibn taymiyyah (taymeyah) -Wahabi sheikh ul islam,was he a sufi
  81. what is the aqeeda of wahabis
  82. Najd is in Saudia[ Riyadh ] not Iraq, Hadith on Najd , Fitna of Wahabis,pseudo salafis is Fitna of Najd from Sahih hadiths and geographical Maps
  83. Need refutation to objections of Wahabis on tawassul
  84. Virtues of Hadrat Ameer Muawiya [ra]
  85. The Uniqueness and Importance of Isnaad
  86. Is Prophet Muhammad created of literal light, Noor( Nur) according to Quran and Sahih hadiths
  87. Asking Allah through wasila from those in graves, Tawassul,istighatha of Prophets [a.s] and awliyas [rah] from Quran and sahih hadiths in islam
  88. Seeking Blessings through the Holy Relics of Prophet(صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم
  89. Virtues of Ahle Bait from Sahih hadiths
  90. Virtues ,merits of Sahabas [ra]
  91. List of all topics on Aqeeda [beliefs] of Ahlus sunnah wal jammah -From Quran and Sahih hadiths
  92. Proof of reciting Salat o Salam before any Ibadah -from Quran and Sahih hadiths
  93. Sajda, prostration to Ghair Ullah from Quran and sahih hadiths - It is haram according to Ahle sunnah
  94. To say:Allah and his Prophet knows best is a sunnah
  95. Prophet Muhammad [saw] saw Allah during Miraj un nabi -proofs from Quran and sahih hadiths
  96. New blog on yazid - the enemy of islam
  97. Yazeed - The View Of The Scholars Of Ahle Sunnah
  98. Sunni Aalim reply to Zakir Naik about Yazeed (LA).flv
  99. Essentials of tauheed.
  100. Reply to Wahabi Meraj Rabbani on his misinterpretation on the word "Khwaja''
  101. Hadith Referring To Yazeed And His Era
  102. A serious dialogue with a Christian
  103. The Family of Abu Bakr Opposes Mu'awiya's Plans for Yazids Succession
  104. Status of Christians?
  105. Mu'awiya's Own Admission That Yazeed Did Not Deserve To Be Khalifa
  106. Yazeed's killing of Imam Hussain (as) - The Grandson of the Holy Prophet (s)
  107. Yazid b. Muawiyah – A Branch of the Cursed Tree
  108. Najadis attack aqeedah of sidi asrar and ala hazrat...
  109. Whole website against sidi asrar rashid
  110. Asrar Rashid Fails to Accept Ali Hassan Khans Challenge
  111. Proof against the Wahhabiyya from Isra wal Miraj
  112. Four Virtues of Hazrat Ali (as)
  113. Love and Obedience of Ahlulbait (as) is Compulsary
  114. Qahr ud'Dayyan A'laa Minhaaj ush'Shaytaan
  115. Twelve Signs of Army of Prophet Isa & Imam Mahdi
  116. Research about Dajjal's first followers
  117. Strange dreams, help me !
  118. In praise of Ali (AS)
  119. Ruling on Referring to Madinah al-Munawwarah as 'Yathrib'‏
  120. Wahabi god does "JOGGING"
  121. Wahabi believe Allah has a "SHADOW"
  122. In defence of Hadrat Ameer Muawiya [rah] ,Reply to all Rafdi fake accusations
  123. Biggest lie and kufr of the year: By dr tahir minhaji
  124. Marriage without permission of a Wali is allowed
  125. Al Murshid Al-Mu'in in Maliki Fiqh
  126. Al Murshid Al-Mu'in in Maliki Fiqh
  127. Ahl as-Sunnah Wal Jama'ah
  128. Rememberance of deceased
  129. on Saying Ameen (Amin) Silently in Salah , from Quran and Sahih hadiths
  130. Proofs of Reciting, poetry, Naats (Nasheeds) in praise of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) from Sahih hadiths
  131. Declaring Kufr
  132. authenticity of ibn hajar haythame
  133. Hazrat Mohammad s.a.w and Universe
  134. Trials And Allah's Bounty.
  135. Innovation Into Religion And Worship: Established From Hadith Of Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud.
  136. Innovation Into Religion And Worship: Companion Introduces New Another Tasbih.
  137. Du'a Vs. Destiny.
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